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Pen and ink on Bristol board

11" x 17"

This piece is what happens when you promise to do a Christmas art swap and spend half the year trying to make it special. Madeline McGrane and I both love the classic Red Sonia movie and other barbarian films so I went a bit too hard on this piece.

The final round of sketches from the Silver Age of Marvel fundraiser are the outsiders and loners of this classic period of Marvel Comics. It's odd how superhero fans can be as picky to only buy "team books" or "solo books," showing such deep devotion to a genre that it's casting permutations can be reason enough to discriminate in purchasing.

Fun fact: When I'm warming up for sketching at a convention, I'm almost always doing so with a yellow suit Daredevil. I absolutely love that goofy smile and ridiculous get-up.

Outrageous villains were a key staple of early Marvel. Some are so absolutely embarrassing and of their time that it's clear why they haven't survived as modern day adversaries. Iron Man seemed especially doomed to a terrible rogue's gallery. Meanwhile, perhaps due to cheer volume, several rose to the top and have lasted as elemental forces of villainy.

Out of all these drawings, I might be most inclined towards MODOK, whose design is so ridiculously overwrought and is pure Kirby goodness.

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