It’s Been a While!

Wow, its certainly been a year. There's almost too much to even begin discussing. Personally my work/personal life has been wholly turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, I started my master's degree at Eastern Oregon University, and a whole slew of projects have happened. Here's a few recent highlights of what's happened so far:

Bendy Crack-Up Comics Collection

Earlier in the year, I was brought on to write the first ever Bendy comics collection published by Scholastic. It was a great gig and I am so thankful to Maddi Gonzalez and my agent Susan Graham who brought me on the project. Also thanks to the great team at Scholastic, the artists Mady G. and Ciro Caglione, and the folks at Joey Drew Studios.

Here's a bit more information about the book itself:

For those dying to know more about the simple, darkly funny cartoons produced at Joey Drew Studios, look no further than this illustrated collection of comics based on the exploits of Bendy, Boris the Wolf, Alice Angel, and all their friends! This collection of vintage comic strip adaptations brings to life the best of the many cartoon features produced by Joey Drew Studios. Fans of all ages won't want to miss this never-before-published romp that brings to life the world of Bendy!

Here's the link to purchase the book from my favorite local bookstore:

I’ve Started a Patreon!

After starting my MFA program, I realized that I wanted to build courses in advance based on my knowledge and experiences in prose, comics, and illustration. To help support the creation of this curriculum, I've started a Patreon that you can directly access and use for your own personal development. You can find and support my Patreon at:

Below is the syllabus for the first course I'm developing:

Enigma Agents Full Color Collection

I'm thankful to all the folks who have been patiently waiting for the completion of Enigma Agents. I've been working on it steadily and it's turned into a beast of a passion project. I want to make it the best possible comic it can be, which has drawn it out far beyond my original projected deadline. What's involved in that development has been, the coloring of the first two issues, continuing my work on the third, and carefully crafting the finale. Rather than issuing the completed story in two floppy installments, I will be mailing the collected final product to my initial Kickstarter backers. I've learned so much about my process on this project and can't wait to share further insights. I may even end up releasing a director's commentary on my Patreon.

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