The Enigma Agents Kickstarter is Almost Over! (But not done yet!)

It's been a whirlwind month, but I'm excited that in a couple of weeks I'll be able to mail out the first issue of Engima Agents to my incredible backers. In the last week though, I've added a special rewards tier as an extra incentive for those who haven't made their order. 

Enigma Agents was born out of great love for Silver Age superhero comics. For comics fans, one of the greatest joys is getting to own a piece of original art with their favorite character on it. Unfortunately for Enigma Agents fans, I won’t be selling any of my originals for the series soon. 

However I do draw comic cover recreations as commissions! These fun reinterpretations of classic covers are your best option for owning a piece of Vannotes artwork. For backers of this Kickstarter, you can own one of these recreations for the low price of $100, bundled with a subscription to the series. See the updated rewards section to reserve one of only 10 slots. When your backer survey is sent out, you will be asked which classic comic cover you’d like to have recreated. 

Also if you aren't able to back this time around, sharing is caring! You can find the Kickstarter at

Now for a little fun...

As a creative person, sometimes it's hard to make space for imaginative play. You get stuck in a rut of writing, drawing, etc. and you lose sight of the joy of building worlds.

For that reason since the beginning of the year, I’ve been doing regular sessions with three of my friends using the Monster of the Week RPG playbook. Inspired by the use of the system in Adventure Zone: Amnesty, Aaron King, Madeline McGrane, Brando Hughes, and I have created this incredible little adventure in a small rural town called Hebe, Idaho. To coincide as we've finished arcs, I've drawn these illustrations to accompany. 

Hopefully these inspire you to make space for play in your life. 

Missing your regularly scheduled page of Buster Ronin?

Unfortunately with the Kickstarter, traveling for work, getting sick, writing the next issues of Enigma Agents, and writing my next short comic, Buster Ronin was the project put on the back burner for the month. Never fear though! Next month you’ll be seeing an exciting update from above the surface of Jupiter. 

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