The Enigma Agents Kickstarter is Live!

After two months of work, Issue 1 of Enigma Agents premiered at Border Town Comic Con in Ontario, Oregon. I’ve been considering how to best allow people to subscribe to the series for the year. For that reason, I’ve started the Enigma Agents Kickstarter.

Funding this project will be your chance to get the first year of Enigma Agents comics, four digest sized issues with black and white interiors in total. All components are locally printed and assembly happens within my studio. It is a small operation, but I put a great deal of work into making sure that each comic is a thrill for readers.

When backing the project, you are not just getting the book itself, but also fun little extras like signature pens, buttons, and stickers with every issue. You will also receive an original drawing on the back cover of beloved characters within the series. 

Want to get to know the Enigma Agents better? Read their origin below and back at

Buster Ronin - Arc 1 - Page 1 

As a subscriber of this blog, you get the first glimpse of every page of Buster Ronin. After showing off the origin of Buster Ronin last post, this is the first page of the first arc. 

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