The Third Issue of Enigma Agents is In-Progress!

After a short hiatus to finish a major yet-to-be-announced project, work on Enigma Agents Issue 3 has commenced! The script and concept art are near complete, now over the next few months I'll be penciling, inking, and lettering to bring the this exciting installment to your door (or mailbox, PO Box, etc.).

Even more exciting news: I've been asked several times now if I would ever print an issue of Enigma Agents in color. Initially I was resistant, thinking the cost of printing would be far too prohibitive for the series' small print run. However after quotes from a few vendors, I've found a quality printer at an affordable price. That means issue 3, from the cover to interiors to board game insert, will be in glorious color! To get comfortable with that, I've been doing a few tests, including the quick illustrations of the team and Issue 3's big bad Protozous you can see below.

I think this issue will be above and beyond the best one yet, so its back to drawing board for me! If you have any questions in the meantime, always feel free to email me at

Vannotes at Four Words Workshop!

Death Rattle Writers Festival holds workshops throughout the year as part of their amazing ongoing programming. This year I'll be leading a workshop during their Four Words Workshop, hosted at the Nampa Public Library and the Flying M Garage. You can see the description of my session below. All ages & experience levels are welcome. To RSVP visit

Writing Comics: Adapting Written Word to Sequential Art

Saturday, March 7, 2020 5:00pm - 6:00pm Flying M Coffee, Nampa, Idaho

How do you start a comic? For many, the beginning is the written word. In this workshop, you will learn how to adapt comics from prose, poetry, as well as traditional comic scripts. Not just for writers, this workshop will help visuals artists looking to tell their own stories. No pre-written scripts or prose needed beforehand.

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