The Vannotes Comics Store Is Now Live!

This last month has been a busy one. Between working on the second issue of Enigma Agents, fulfilling Kickstarter orders, and taking on some to-be-announced freelance work, I've certainly been staying busy. 

With all of the Kickstarter orders for Issue 1 delivered (except for a few stragglers), Issue 1 is now available to purchase for everyone who hasn't received a copy yet. You can buy yours at The overall selection is a bit slim now, but I'll be continuously adding books and product. Don't worry about missing anything, you'll always be getting the latest updates here. 

Buster Ronin - Arc 1 - Page 2

Many were disappointed there was no Buster Ronin update last month, so it was the top of my to-do list this month. Enjoy this update from the planet Jupiter. 

Look forward to next month's update with exciting preview pages from Enigma Agents Issue 2!

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