Upcoming Projects - Enigma Agents and Buster Ronin

It’s been an exciting month of projects as this website was launched and I’ve been steadily working on new work after roughly a year of inactivity.

The first is the Enigma Agents. If you love Professor Layton and the X-Men, Enigma Agents is an exciting new black and white superhero comic series for all ages. When three teens activate a magic puzzle, they are given superpowers that allow them to summon the world’s greatest hero. Will they be able to solve the mystery of how to release him from another dimension and survive high school.

Not only will this series feature an exciting adventure each issue, but puzzles and riddles are built into the story. Below you can character designs of the main trio of heroes, the main villain, and his robotic henchman.

The other project I’ve been steadily working on is a monthly large scale comic entitled Buster Ronin. The ongoing strip will follow the cases of a space bounty hunter roaming the stars after her world is catastrophically changed. Look forward to seeing the first page at roughly the end of this month.

In addition to these two comics, I’ve begun work on scripts for several more projects including a graphic novel, a flash fiction series, and my first prose novel. Look forward to all of these and more throughout 2019!

Warm regards to you and happy new year!

Van Notes

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