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Seasonal Produce - February 2024

Seasonal Produce - February 2024

The high anticipated February 2024 issue is here! This issue of Seasonal Produce is all about romance and features 20 pages of content at high quality resolution. 


Exclusively In This Issue:

Short Story | I'm in Love with Eddie Ortega - The story of an alien who falls in love...while piloting the body of an evangelical preacher

Longbox Shortlist | Dwellings by Jay Stephens

Vannoteworthy | Giovanni's Room and Monsters of the 21st Century

Plus new pages of Small Town Speculation and Andy the Foolish Farmhand!


Seasonal Produce is a monthly online magazine from writer, cartoonist, and educator Vannotes featuring a variety of short stories, comics, and criticism. Each month offers brand new and unique content from the creator. By subscribing to the Vannotes newsletter, you get a free discount code for Seasonal Produce every month.

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