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Seasonal produce

An Online Magazine from Vannotes

Seasonal Produce is a monthly online magazine from writer, cartoonist, and educator Vannotes featuring a variety of short stories, comics, and criticism. Each month offers brand new and unique content from the creator.

January 2024 is the introductory issue of the magazine and features 16 pages of content at high quality resolution.


In This Issue of Seasonal Produce

  • Short Story | My Childhood on an Organ Farm - 4 Pgs

  • Comics Feature | What Can Stardew Valley Teach Us About Agriculture? - 3 Pgs

  • Longbox Shortlist | Best Comics of 2023 - 2 Pgs

  • Vannoteworthy | The Boy and the Heron and Godzilla Minus One - 1 Pg

  • Comic | Small Town Speculation - 1 Pg

  • Comic | Andy the Foolish Farmhand - 1 Pg

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